Bianchi T-TRONIK Ebike review

Bianchi T-TRONIK Ebike review

I have put the Bianchi T-TRONIK to the test.

It cycles just like a regular bike until the pressure is on, and then it give a steady and smooth feel.
It has a middrive shimano motor and a pleasant upright riding position.
The range is 100k+
It is not my fastest ebike and you will be cycling. Some ebikes are almost like motorbikes but this feels like a bicycle with assistance

The specification is good with hydraulic disc brakes and quality gears.
The bike is finished with all the extras, lights, fenders, stand and carrier.

3 levels of assistance a good front suspension and Bianchi’s badge of approval makes this alike to be considered when ebike looking.

Bianchi T-TRONIK Ebike